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Tes - IRCX

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What is TESx?

TESx is an IRCx compliant, messaging server software.
It was created using Java to provide a FREE, open source, easy to install IRCx Server.
You can find the latest version of TES: here.

Goal ...
To provide a FREE, Platform Independant alternative to existing IRCx servers.

TESx has come a long way to reaching this goal. TESx is:
  • Completely FREE
  • Open Source - contribute and make your own changes
  • Only takes a few minutes to set up, but still highly configurable
  • Runs on any operating system
  • Supports IRCx Extensions
  • Supports linking multiple servers through a dedicated hub (included)
  • Supports Services, including ChanServ (included)
  • Plus many features unique to TESx...

Development ...
If, after downloading TES, you feel you can make some suggestions, or even improve the code.. please do so!
If you do, make sure to send me a (documented) copy of what you've done so that I can include the modifications in the next release.

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David Forrest (david at squarish dot net)